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You know what they say--you don't just have to take my word for it!

Amy doesn't just provide feedback in the most encouraging way possible; she gives specific ideas for how to fix what's not working, which makes her observations invaluable. My manuscripts are always stronger after I've gotten Amy's insightful reactions!

Developmental Editing Package Client

Amy did an amazing job editing my manuscript, query letter, and synopsis. She also coached me through the process of finding an agent. I'm so grateful for her kind and constructive feedback!

Kate Sweeney, author of Catch the Light

Amy was equal parts cheerleader and coach as she helped me revise my query and synopsis. Thanks to her guidance, suggestions and edits, I have a query letter I feel absolutely confident sending out to agents.

Afton, Query Package Client

As a first-time author, I knew I needed help with my manuscript but wasn't sure where to start. I am so thankful to have found Amy. She was recommended to me by an author I admire and now Amy is an author I admire too. I appreciate that she took the time to talk to me about my book and what help I was looking for and based on that conversation, she recommended a developmental edit. Her suggestions were spot on and delivered in an incredibly timely manner. More importantly, her feedback was thoughtful, thorough, and kind and I always felt like she was on my team.

Jenn Smith, Developmental Editing Package Client

Amy provided invaluable support as I revised a feature screenplay, helping me sort through notes, implement changes, and clarify the structure. Amy has a keen sense for how stories are put together and her feedback undeniably made my script funnier, sexier, and more romantic.

Britta, Custom Coaching Package Client

Amy was a professional and encouraging voice throughout the early stages of my journey to publication. Equally willing to provide overarching, directive edits as she was to give tailored commentary around my questions of publishing queer-focused pieces. Amy was critical in keeping the publication momentum of Code of the Nightbird going and keeping me inspired. Highly recommend :)

Mike Pratt, Query Package Client

I enjoyed working with Amy very much. She really helped me figure out what my book was missing and how best to move forward. She gave me great insights and valuable ideas on how to work through some of the hurdles. She is invaluable and I look forward to working with her again for the rest of my books. Sheesh...I sound so dry.  Look, she's fabulous and I would be lost without her! 

Julia Heart, Developmental Editing Client

Amy was wonderful to work with on my query letter and synopsis. Her insights and guidance helped give me the confidence I need to send these out into the world. Her sense of humor is spot on, and she is remarkably prompt for added bonuses. Would highly recommend working with Amy!

Megan Brown, Query Package Client

Amy offered a number of helpful suggestions with everything from plotting to formatting. She was honest with what was working within my manuscript, and most importantly - what was not. Always prompt with responses and her comments were all easy to understand making it simple to see where fixes were needed.

Developmental Editing Package Client

Amy not only helped me in painting a clearer image for my synopsis, she also showed me how to enhance my query and opening pages. Her critiques were so helpful that I used them throughout my manuscript, which resulted in my first full manuscript request shortly after completing revisions.

Paul Antoine, Query Package Client

Amy is the editor you want to work with. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and excellent at drawing out larger themes and issues in your work. In addition to being an A+ editor in every way, Amy is also fun to work with! She is so kind and encouraging, and delivered spot-on feedback. I cannot recommend working with Amy enough!

Alexis Irvin, Developmental Editing Package Client

Amy was the exact perspective I needed when putting together my submission package! Between her industry knowledge and indisputable writing savvy, she helped me put the final polish I needed on my work before the ever-daunting querying process. Can't thank her enough!

Matt Linenbroker, Query Package Client

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