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Bestselling author, editor, book coach,
Diet Coke lover, Gen X Scorpio.

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Amy Spalding is a bestselling author and freelance book editor. Her young adult novels include the bestselling We Used to Be Friends, and The Summer of Jordi Perez, which was selected as a best book of 2018 by NPR, the Boston Globe, Buzzfeed, and more. Her adult romance debut, For Her Consideration, releases in 2023.

Amy has been working with freelance editing clients for over five years, and with friends and colleagues for years before that. She loves guiding authors to level up their work, whether that's taking a first-time author from "what am I doing" to "huh, this is a great second draft," to one-step-from-querying authors to a polished manuscript ready to roll out the door.

Amy believes in helping writers find their own best ways of writing and revising, that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to anything in life or creativity, and that any rule that says "all writers must do this" should be set fire to (safely) and never spoken of again.

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Books have been one of the most important parts of my life since I was a kid, devouring each month's latest Babysitters Club book and wondering what terrible things Elizabeth and Jessica would get up to in Sweet Valley. (And, also, what was a lavalier?, a question that went unanswered until I assistant-stage-managed a production of Chicago in college.)

I started writing not, relatively, that long after I started reading, but it was still a long road to publishing for me. One of the greatest joys was finding a community of other writers--still aspiring, like I was, all the way up to successfully, award-winningly published. As I swapped manuscripts with them and gave notes, it hit me that I didn't just like doing this. I could feel that I was helping other writers level up, helping them make their specific manuscripts stronger.

At that point, I began working with freelance clients. I've learned so much since then; I went, after all, from giving notes to others who were at or far above my ability level. Now I've spent years working with writers who are just starting out. I love meeting writers where they are--whether it's a first-time writer mastering some foundational lessons, or a more experienced writer taking a manuscript from solid to ready for querying. 

I feel there is a great paradox in writing, which is that the best notes I received on a manuscript were from my first editor, once I'd sold my first book. I was extremely lucky to get the notes I did before then, from brilliant friends, but depending on friends for notes can be tough, between timing and the brutal honesty that can be hard to dish out to someone you have an existing friendship with. How do you get that kind of feedback before you're at that stage?

My goal is to bridge that gap for you. My notes will be kind, but honest. My turnaround time will be agreed upon in advance, and since you're paying me, you won't feel guilty holding me to it! So read about my services, check out the frequently asked questions, and read testimonials from some of my clients. Even if you're not sure what you're interested in or if any packages are right for you, feel free to reach out! I love helping writers figure out what next step might be right for them, and I'm happiest when we can come to that decision together.

And if you'd like to know more about me as a writer before working with me, good news! I have more than a few books you can check out! I have six young adult books published, and my first adult romantic comedy, For Her Consideration, will release in early 2023.

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Amy's LATEST Books

We Used to Be Friends Cover.jpg

YA Contemporary about the end of a lifelong bestfriendship.

The New Guy.jpg

YA Romantic Comedy about boy bands and extracurricular rivalries.


YA Romantic Comedy about fashion, friendship, and burgers.

kissing ted callahan 2nd cover.png

YA Romantic Comedy about making out and rocking out.

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Fan Funded Podcast

Amy talks about Get Your Book On! with Laser, as well as having a dayjob, building a thriving creative community, and traditional v. self-publishing.

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First Draft Podcast

Amy chats with Sarah about The Summer of Jordi Perez, We Used to Be Friends, writing queer YA, and what it's like, five books into a career.

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This Creative Life Podcast

Amy and Sara discuss reticent POV characters, book publicity and marketing, and staying creative during a pandemic.

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Queery Podcast

Amy and Cameron discuss growing up in the midwest, bisexual identity, and the challenge of writing straight characters.

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Forever 35 Podcast

Amy chats with Kate and Doree about The Summer of Jordi Perez, writing with a dayjob, fat positivity, and lipstick.

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Literaticast Podcast

Amy talks to Jenn about The Summer of Jordi Perez, especially the tough research of eating many burgers across Los Angeles.

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